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Sioux City Musketeers Pocket Schedule History

I am always interested in adding any missing schedules to my collection, Please contact me if you have any available.

Also below are Musketeer Season Ticket Books and Magnetic Schedules (under construction)

Clark Cup Championships: 1982, 1986, 2002    Anderson Cup Champions:  1982, 1986

    16-26-0                             23-24-0                            28-19-0                           31-16-1                           22-26-0
                   Rich Blanche                    John Saville                    John Saville                    John Saville                   John Saville                 
Player/Coach                   Player/Coach                                   

34-17-0                       24-25-0                         20-24-4                                12-36-0                       29-16-3
            Lyle Bradley              Andre Beauulieu
           Lyle Bradley                     Lyle Bradley               Bob Ferguson          

32-16-0                           32-14-2                            27-20-1                            42-6-0                            23-24-1
 Bob Ferguson                Bob Ferguson              Bob Ferguson                  Bob Ferguson                Bob Ferguson

23-25-0                            17-30-1                            29-18-1                            9-38-1                            19-28-1
 Bob Ferguson                   Bob Ferguson                  Bob Ferguson               Mike Schwartz                Dave Lohrei  

15-29-4                         27-20-1                           26-18-4                           17-28-1                         9-43-2
   Dave Lohrei                Dave Lohrei                    Dave Lohrei                    Dave Lohrei                Dave Hakstol

32-21-3                          34-19-3                         27-26-5                           27-22-7                            41-16-4
Dave Hakstol               Dave Hakstol              Dave Hakstol                   Dave Siciliano                Dave Siciliano

36-18-6                         38-15-7                         37-17-6                             28-26-6                          34-21-5
   Dave Siciliano              Dave Siciliano                Dave Siciliano                 Dave Siciliano                  Dave Siciliano

         32-25-3                          24-30-6                           27-24-9                               31-23-6                           29-30-1           
Dave Siciliano               Todd Knott                   Luke Strand                        Luke Strand                     Brett Larson

                23-30-11                          38-19-3                             38-17-5                       20-39-1                                40-13-5-2                      
   Brett Larson                   Jay Varady                       Jay Varady                  Jay Varady                         Jay Varady          

Luke Strand

     October 20th, 1972 the Musketeers play their first game in the Auditorium against the Chicago Warriors
  The Musketeers were first members of the USHL senior league and are
one of the original (Junior A Season 1980-81) teams.
1985-86 Musketeer
Tim Ferguson holds the league record for points in a single (48 game) season with 135 points
December 13th, 2003 The Musketeers play their last game at the historic Sioux City Auditorium.
December 17th, 2003 the Musketeers play their first game in the new, NHL style, Tyson Event Center/Gateway Arena.
              The SC Auditorium shared a unique feature with New York's famous Madison Square Garden...They were the only
two second story ice venues in North America.
September of 2007, Sioux City Hosts the first USHL Fall Classic, this 3-day tournament features all 12 USHL teams.
2007 season end, Head Coach and General Manager Dave Siciliano retires after eight successful season in Sioux City and as the
USHL's second winningest coach with 512 wins.
2007 Musketeer Phil DeSimone id selected the USHL Player of the Year
2008 Todd Knott takes over as new Head Coach and General Manager, marking the first season in 16
years the Musketeers have not had a coach named Dave.
2009 Luke Strand, past USHL and NHL player and coach takes over as the Musketeer's new Head Coach and General manager.
2011 Brett Larson former University of Minnesota-Duluth Assistant Coach takes over as the Musketeers new Head Coach/GM
The 2011-12 season marks the start of the 40th season of Musketeer hockey in Sioux City.
2013 Jay Varady is named the new Musketeers Head Coach and General Manager. His prior stop was two seasons coaching
pro hockey in France. He also played two seasons for the Dubuque Fighting Saints
2017 the Musketeers win the regular season championship capturing their first Anderson Cup in thirty seasons. The Musketeers fall to
 the Chicago Steel in the fifth and final game five of the USHL championship series.
 2017 Luke Strand returns as the Musketeers Head Coach. Taylor Ward and Nick Brusa join the staff as assistant coaches and
 Kedryn Orrison as Athletic Trainer.


Musketeer Season Ticket Books

2000-01 Musketeers season ticket book cover. Back had a full sized complete game schedule. Shown above is a large
sized opening night ticket and a regular season game ticket. The team was sold at the end of the prior season and the new owners
introduced this new SC/sword logo style.

2002 USHL Clark Cup Champion
ship Season
2001-02 Musketeer season ticket book. Cover features players Ryan Geris, Marty Galstyan and Justin Fletcher. Back
cover featured John Zeiler, Brendan Schwartz and Brandon Polich. There was no oversized opening night ticket this season.
 Regular season game tickets had the season ticket holder name or business printed on them as well as visiting team. Pictured is
a sample of that season's play-off tickets. When it was all over, Ryan Geris would score the winning OT goal in Omaha to
give Sioux City their first Clark Cup victory in 16 seasons!!!


2002-03 Season Ticket book. Features 2002 Clark Cup Champions. Shown above is a large
sized opening night ticket, regular season game ticket and a play-off ticket.


2003-04 would be the end of a Sioux City hockey tradition for some 30 seasons as the historic Auditorium
would be closed and replaced by the new NHL style
Tyson Event Center. Shown above is ticket book cover, over sized,
opening night ticket, (This game would be the very first event ever held at the new arena.) Shown also are the
 one of the nine game tickets for games played in the Auditorium that season and a regular season TTEC game ticket.


2004-05 season ticket book. Shown above is ticket book cover, over sized opening night ticket, regular season
 game ticket and ticket book back. The Musketeers would finish the season as the Clark Cup runner-up. After losing the five
game series to the Cedar Rapids Roughriders in game five.

2005-06 saw the Musketeers hosting the 2006 USHL All-Star/Prospects game, played on February 7th, 2006.
All-Star game week events included a skills competition, player & league awards banquet and a visit from
 the Stanley Cup!!! Teams were divided via division and the West prevailed, by a score of 5-3. Pictured is
All Star game ticket and opening night/regular season ticket.


2006-07 season ticket book features players (clockwise from bottom left) Kevin Lohry, Blake Martin, Sean Coffey & Jerry Kuhn.
Ohio Jr. Blue jackets join the USHL. Waterloo wins Anderson Cup. Sioux Falls wins Clark Cup.


2007-08 Season Ticket Book, Opening Night and regular season ticket. Head Coach and General Manager Dave Siciliano retires after
 eight successful seasons in Sioux City and as the USHL's second winningest coach with 512 wins.
Pictured Musketeers (clockwise from left) Jerry Kuhn, Kevin Lohry, Donnie Hallmark, Mike Keenan, add, Alex Tuckerman,
Cody Butcher. This season would see the Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets leave the league after two seasons.


2008-09 Season Ticket book, Opening Night and regular season ticket.
 This is new Head Coach and General Manager Todd Knott first season.
Pictured Musketeers are Donnie Hallmark, Matt Crandell, Mike Keenan, Seth Helgeson, Alex Tuckerman.
Fargo (MN) Force Joins the USHL.  


2009-10 Season Ticket book, Opening Night and regular season ticket.
 This is new Head Coach and General Manager Luke Strand's first season.
Youngstown (OH) Phantoms join the USHL. Team USA also plays a full schedule this season


2010-11 Season Ticket book, Opening Night and regular season ticket. 
New Ownership arrives in Sioux City, Luxco, Inc. purchases the team pior to the start of the season.
Dubuque (IA) Fighting Saints and Muskegon (MI) Lumberjacks join the USHL.



2011-12 Season Ticket book, Opening Night  ticket and regular season ticket (same design as previous season). 
Dubuque moves to East Division and Waterloo moves to West Division.
Regular season tickets same as previous season


2012-13 Season Ticket book (left-Front/right-back w/ schedule) Special Opening Night Ticket (not pictured) and regular
season tickets.


2013-14 Season Ticket book (left-Front/right-back w/ schedule) Special Opening Night Ticket (not pictured) and regular
season tickets. 



Traditional style season ticket book. Single book for each individual seat. Cover features Musketeers Neil Pionk, Sam Kurker & Jake Ryczek.
Individual tickets have alternating Musketeer and visiting opponents logos.


This season the Musketeers switch season ticket booklets format. The covers are vertical and the tickets horizontal. Each ticket has a action photo of a different
 Musketeer player from the previous season. The booklet has a metal bonding. The Pink in the Rink ticket is pink. The book also contain coupons for sponsors
 on each ticket as well as tickets for the two season ticket holders dinners.

USHL Anderson Cup Champions / USHL Clark Cup Runner-Up

This season ticket book was a spiral bound affair. The 45th season of Musketeer hockey in Sioux City. Front features Sioux City native
Brady Ferner. Each book contained a maximum of four seats. Remaining tickets were marked VOID. Special double sized opening
night ticket. All tickets contain fan submitted photos. Special colored tickets for Military Night, Pink in the Rink, Autism Awareness,
Teddy Dear Toss and St. Patrick's Day. Contains Season Ticket Holders Banquet tickets.





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2000-01 was the first season the Musketeers published a magnetic schedule